Orange Slovakia and AIL cooperate in the field of 5G and ITS.

The Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, together with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the STU in Bratislava, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the company Orange Slovakia, within the framework of which they will jointly research technology and processes in the area of using 5G networks for applications in the areas of connected and intelligent transport.

The key topics on which the contracting parties of the memorandum have agreed are, in particular:

• road traffic safety in an intelligent and connected transport environment
infrastructure as a tool for preventing chain traffic accidents,
head-on collisions in unclear road sections,
• signaling details about passengers in the event of traffic accidents to emergency services and other road users,
• improving communication between vehicles and infrastructure using software
defined WAN networks,
• creating a digital twin of the transport infrastructure for the needs of the state and developing applications using this digital twin in critical situations,
• intelligent warnings of danger on the roads on a specific section
real-time automated connected transport based on digital twin support

The rapidly developing 5G networks and deployment of digital twin technology will be one of the pillars of safe and automated future transport in the coming years.

In addition to the fact that the operator Orange Slovakia will provide STU researchers with connectivity and any equipment needed to access the network, the parties to the memorandum also declare their interest in cooperation in the field of publishing joint scientific publications. Both parties are also interested in participating in various professional conferences and seminars together.

The memorandum on behalf of STU was signed by the deans of the faculties, prof. Ivan Kotuliak for FIIT STU and prof. Ľubomír Šooš for SjF STU. Eric Maintenay, Director of Information Systems and Networks, signed the memorandum on behalf of Orange Slovakia.

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