Orange and STU show demonstration of 5G for automotive

Mobile provider Orange announced yesterday that it has a joint project “5G Automotive” with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak Technical University (STU) and the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of the STU. In this context, he demonstrated the integration of the 5G network while driving an electric car.

“Data from a real driving car was paired with a virtual computer model and all technical operating parameters from the vehicle were transmitted online to the central computer. In the future, the goal is for the calculations running on the server to communicate directly with the vehicle. This is the first step for the intelligent future of transport in general using the 5G network,” Orange describes.

The company specified that for the purpose of connecting the latest engineering and IT technologies or artificial intelligence, the Automotive innovation lab was created under the leadership of doc. Ľuboša Magdolen from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of STU in Bratislava.

“The 5th generation networks bring not only higher speeds and lower response, but also a completely new definition of the mobile network. Compared to the previous ones, they still have the greatest potential to change the way people and companies use technology,” said Eric Maintenay, director of Orange’s information technology and networks department.

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