Automotive Innovation Lab STU

We are a joint laboratory of multiple faculties at Slovak University of Technology located in Bratislava. Our primary focus is intelligent safety a connected and cooperative automated mobility (CCAM) in the country where 8 different brands of cars are being produced.

Intelligent safety

Intelligent safety as an approach on reaching goals set by EU Vision Zero by 2050.

Connected mobilty

5G and 6G networks for V2X in Connected and Collaborative Automated Mobility (CCAM)

Autonomous driving

AI powered models of advanced automated driving manuevers to improve safety on roads.

Research topic

Intelligent safety in accordance with EU Vision Zero

Research in the field of intelligent sensors and data fusion and automated advanced driving maneuvers towards avoiding fatalities on the European roads.

Research topic

Towards connected infrastructure using 5G and 6G

Research in the field of standalone 5G networks as an access technology for advanced V2X applications toward safe, fast and reliable Connected and Collaborative Automated Mobility (CCAM).

Involved institutions

AIL Partners and Supporters

Siemens Mobility

Orange Slovakia

Slovakia Ring

Ericsson Slovakia

Ministry of Transport

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